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Girlhood Interrupted: The Erasure of Black Girls' Childhood

Hi Community,

It is the final week of March, and I'm introducing a new component of the blog where I will share a research article that I read and found interesting about teenagers or parenting every fourth week of the month. Sometimes, I will share my thoughts from the article or share it with no comments to give you digest independently. Today, I am sharing an oldie but a goodie, and this is an article I share with clinicians that I work with, parents, and anyone willing to listen about this report. The Girlhood Interrupted report by the Georgetown Law Center on Poverty and Inequality puts words and statistics to experiences Black girls and women have known to be true and have felt for generations.

In this article, you will be moved, mostly to tears, by how the world sees black girls. So take some time to read Girlhood Interrupted, watch the clip, and even share it with your teenagers so that they can learn more about how the world sees them.

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Before you read the article, consider that the findings may trigger you. Please leave the report and return to it when you can to finish it.

Download PDF • 9.88MB

Please share any thoughts with me that you have about this report.

With love,



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