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Do you call your daughter fast?

Hello friends,

Podcasts are probably my favorite thing to do to spread awareness. It allows my love for teen wellness and acting vocally to collide. It is always a pleasure to speak with colleagues about my passion for teens. This particular podcast episode went deep into a conversation that we do not often have. This conversation is about how mothers can be toxic to their daughters.


Jaynay discusses the importance of spending quality time with teenage girls and discussing relationships and feelings that young girls can experience while dating. More importantly, Jaynay educates on why calling young black girls "fast" and "grown" for having intimate feelings towards someone does more harm than good.


I imagine this subject will be a touchy one because their have been years of grooming and conditioning that impact how we adult-ify girls. Mothers and mother figures are often the cause of the behavior that they often categorize as "grown" or "fast". More often than not, these words are used in place of fear. I want you to know that fear does not have to take over your life as a parent with your teen. Your relationship can thrive on other factors. Before we get there, we have to acknowledge that these terms impact youth in negative ways.

Charge your device and listen to the podcast.

With love,


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