Group Therapy: How it will improve your teens social skills

Hey, Hey! Today's post is all about group therapy. I am sure you have seen some form of a group on television and depending on what you saw, it could be a correct, close or totally inaccurate depiction of group. Since all groups are not created equally, I am going to share how my groups are structured for teens, what is the goal of group therapy and the benefits it posits. Let's pull up at how my group structured. I have a strong preference for closed groups. Well, I only like to run closed groups if I am honest. What is a closed group? Thanks for asking. A closed group is when all members of the group begin at the same time. This type of group enhances group cohesion and trust for participa

School Sucks: Tips to help your teen not feel this way

Hello future teen expert, Understanding your teens mood can help you understand their academic success or lack thereof. We often overlook how mood impacts their behavior. This is related to happy moods and sad moods. Generally, when we are happy we achieve more and do work well. When we are sad, we may find ourselves not wanting to do work at all. This also applies to your teen. Probably more so with them than with adults. As adults, there has been more time to learn how to navigate feelings of sadness and still execute. This is a skill teenagers are still learning. Most teenagers do not know their is a way to not wear their emotions on their sleeve. Blame their limbic system. I am all abo

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