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Inside a Session

Hello caregivers,

Have you ever wanted a peak inside a session and know what it looks like? Keep reading, and we will teach you how our sessions are structured. I will break this blog post down into three parts: pre-session, the initial session, and post initial session.

  • Complete the 15-minute consultation call w/ Jaynay to assess clinical fit

  • Review the schedule to find an appointment slot

  • Complete all paperwork sent electronically. Due 24 hours before the appointment.

Initial session
  • Parents/caregivers and teens attend the session, and parents stay for 10 minutes to discuss informed consent, confidentiality, and practice policies.

  • The teen and therapist meet for the remainder of the 60-minute session to complete the intake.

  • At the wind-down, the therapist checks in to see how the teen feels about the process and their thoughts on clinical fit.

Post session
  • The therapist contacts parents/caregivers to share insights and clinical recommendations.

  • If a good fit, the therapist then schedules the client on the calendar for recurring sessions.

Did you feel like an insider?

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Thanks for reading today’s blog. Feel free to email me if you have any thoughts about this blog post or if you have a teen who would like therapy.


As a parent, your voice matters to your teen.


With Love,


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