3 signs your teen may be depressed and 3 quick ways to intervene

Hello future teen expert, Teen depression have increased in recent years and we have also seen an increase in teen suicide. Most of which has been live streamed in Facebook. This isn't meant to scare you, it is meant to help you understand that teenagers are struggling with regulating their emotions. They often need assistance with understanding what they are feeling and how to process those feelings. That is the main piece I want you to understand. Feelings have to be processed and processed in a healthy manner. This blog post will help you recognize when you need to intervene for your teen and get help. Sign 1 Poor school performance This is typically the first indicator that a parent may

Are you a neglectful parent? Learn your parenting style

Hello future teen expert, Today we are going to talk about parenting styles. This is a major key to having a better relationship with your teenager. Let's jump right in. Parenting style is defined as a psychological construct representing standard strategies that parents use in their child rearing. Got that? It basically means how you raise your children. There are 3 parenting styles that psychologists have deemed over the years and there's one they say is the best style. I wanted this to be a fun post, so I created a quiz for you. Take this quiz without peeking below for the answers. (Don't cheat, lol) Be sure to save your answers. Okay, how was the quiz for you? Did you answer some questio

"You" should communicate better with your teen

Hello future teen expert, Communication is such a pivotal part of how we relate to each other daily. The way we communicate can help our relationships or hinder them. I versus you is one small way adjust language that will have a large impact on the health of your life. Check out this info-graphic and tell me how you typically communicate. Click here to schedule your free heart to heart session. With Love from your favorite therapist, Jaynay

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