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4 minutes
Therapy for Black Girls Podcast
This week’s episode features Marriage & Family Therapist & Teen Expert, Jaynay Johnson. Jaynay and I chatted about some of the common struggles Black teenage girls struggle with today, how pop culture and social media influences her work with them, and shares tips and strategies to help you better understand and communicate with the teen in your life.
The Family Couch
In this episode of The Family Couch, we talk with Jaynay Johnson, a Marriage and Family Therapist in Philadelphia, who is the author of Dear Teen Self about how parents can communicate with their teenagers.  With regard to parents of color, we discuss that they may feel that because of how their race is seen in the world, they don’t want their child to fall into the stereotype.  For this reason, they may push their kids to a specific school or idea so they don’t experience the pitfalls of a certain racial identity. 
Views from a Dreamer Podcast
This episode of Views From A Dreamer features therapist and author, Jaynay C. Johnson. Jaynay is the author of the book Dear Teen Self and works with teens through tough issues and circumstances to help them live their best life. 
The Evolving Chair Podcast
In this session I chat with Jaynay C. Johnson, MAMFT based in Philadelphia with a private practice titled, "Teen Talk", she is definitely the teen expert therapist. Through her own personal struggles growing up Jaynay shares why she is so drawn to working with teens and how she helps them EVOLVE into their best self. She shares why she named her book "Dear Teen Self", while sharing what she would tell herself as a teenager looking back. Please tune in as Jaynay shares her knowledge and wisdom on how to communicate with teens and more. Tune in to see why she is quoted the teen expert.
Life Advice with Jennifer Lewis-Hall
On this edition of Life Advice with Jennifer Lewis-Hall, the very important topic of mental health awareness. We’re joined by marriage and family therapist Jaynay C. Johnson for a series on Mental Health Awareness or as she likes to say Mental Wellness. Johnson is also the author of the book, “dear teen self: Tips To Help A Teenage Girl NAVIGATE THROUGH Adolescence.”
IN FOCUS: Mental Health Awareness
Farida Saleem-Boyer, marriage and family therapist and Jaynay C. Johnson, author of the book, “Dear Teen Self” also join Jennifer. They discussed various issues including advocating for more people of color to seek help, as well as aspects of depression and the black “superwoman syndrome.” And, they talked about their Black Brain Conference. Tiffany, who herself says she sought help from a therapist shares her story and advocating for greater resources and mental health awareness. 
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