How To Boost Your Teenagers Self-Esteem (Audio)

Hello Future Teen Expert! Learn how to be proactive with creating self-esteem for your teen. Self-esteem doesn't have to be low and there are ways to sustain it. I decided to record this topic and I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to share and leave feedback. 

Black Eye or Love?

Growing up in violence was normal to me. I didn’t like it, but it was my reality. So no surprise here when I got into an abusive relationship in high school. Here’s a little secret, I didn’t know I was in an abusive relationship until I was a in college. I normalized every aspect of that relationship. I am not going to get detailed with this story right now, but here is what I want you to know. "Love is NOT VIOLENT" As far as dating goes, know the signs/indicators: Wants to know your every move Keeps you away from family/friends Tries to control you with money Threatens to… threatens you period! Name calling Shaming Forces you to do things (Anything!) Constantly lies Hits/ chokes/ smacks/ s

5 reasons to hire a therapist for your teen

Therapy is such a taboo topic to discuss, which leaves many without the proper help to thrive. I am here to help you understand why therapy is important for your teen. 1. Therapy is a safe space to express your deepest feelings Lets face it in the real world, we have to sensor what we say and in therapy your teen won't have to do that. They are free to say what they feel without bias. That time is designated for them to be themselves 100%. It is also a safe space for them to even admit they do not know who they are yet. 2. Life is rough and full of influences Life is full of influences and all of them are not good. This brings up various situations that may cause stress

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