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Group Therapy: How it will improve your teens social skills

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I am sure you have seen some form of a group on television, and depending on what you saw, it could be a correct, close, or totally inaccurate depiction of a group. Since all groups are not created equally, I will share how my groups are structured for teens, what the goal of group therapy is, and the benefits it posits.

What style of group does Teen Talk run?

I have a strong preference for closed groups. A closed group is when all members of the group begin at the same time. This type of group enhances group cohesion and trust for participants. This is a big deal for teenagers. It also allows the members to be committed to a safe space where they can thrive and feel supported. Like my last statement, I also cap membership to around eight people. I want every voice to have space in my groups.

What type of group does Teen Talk offer?

Why is group therapy a good service?

Some teens are shy and may feel more comfortable than others versus sitting with a therapist individually. This also allows them to be supported without sharing their unique story specifically. This is possible as they can hear from the other group members about similar situations they may personally experience. Community care at its finest.

Practical skills practice is another benefit of group therapy. As coping skills are introduced, they can try them with group members. A group space gives them an opportunity to practice sans the anxiety of trying with close friends or anyone in their personal environments. Built-in peer empowerment is another benefit we're going to discuss. Group members are typically very supportive of each other as they can identify with each other.

Consider group therapy as a cost-efficient way to get your teen support or in treatment, as there are various types of groups to choose from.

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