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5 reasons to hire a therapist for your teen

Therapy is such a taboo topic to discuss, which leaves many without the proper help to thrive. I am here to help you understand why therapy is important for your teen.

teen therapist

1. Therapy is a safe space to express your deepest feelings Lets face it in the real world, we have to sensor what we say and in therapy your teen won't have to do that. They are free to say what they feel without bias. That time is designated for them to be themselves 100%. It is also a safe space for them to even admit they do not know who they are yet. 2. Life is rough and full of influences Life is full of influences and all of them are not good. This brings up various situations that may cause stress for your teen. They will encounter friendship issues, dating issues, academic issues and will need guidance through those issues. Some of these issues with be superficial and some may be deeply rooted. Navigating those feelings are imperative to ensuring you have a healthy teen. 3. Processing feelings prevents reoccurrences This is my favorite thing about therapy. Processing! Let's discuss what that is. As a trained family therapist, we focus on the process. The process focuses on how one receives and digests information. What causes them to make certain decisions versus the decision they make. This is KEY for teenagers. They are naturally impulsive and curious, yet, they do not think about what makes them do what they do. Furthermore, teens deal with many stressors and they need to process through their emotions as events arise. How your teenager makes decisions is what prevents them from making the same choice again. Like the old saying says, "Once you know better, you do better." That knowing better is processed feelings. 4. Therapy helps teens explore safely No matter how much you may want to ignore it, your teen is curious about sex, boys, substances and etc.. This does not mean they want to engage in it, however, they are curious. Wouldn't you want someone to explore these topics with them that are qualified to do so competently? I sure do hope so. Here's a secret, I'll probably say the same thing you may have been saying to your teen. This means the information will be reinforced even more for your teen. In turn, they will finally listen. Mission accomplished! 5. You are tired of talking to your teen

I am sure you can relate to this one. You are simply tired of talking to your teen, however, you know something is wrong. This is definitely the right time to hire a therapist for your teen. We all know teens love to say, "nothing" when you ask them what is wrong. Nothing would be sufficient if you didn't watch them make a series of poor choices or exhibit mood shifts. In my experience, "nothing" is really nothing only about 20% of the time. 80% percent of the time something is wrong and they do not know how to express it. That is where a therapist comes in. In therapy, different techniques will be used in order to help your teen express themselves.

Well, there you have it guys and gals. I hope you found this post to be helpful about why you should hire a therapist for your teenager. Remember that there is nothing wrong with taking care of your mind. If you are ready to talk about your teen, click here to chat with me.

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With love from your favorite teen therapist,


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